Microbreak Boss

Stay productive while you work. And have a badass menubar.

Microbreak Boss is a productivity timer that encourages you to take breaks while you work. In addition to automating time management for your work sessions, you can choose a cool boss icon that sits on your menubar and see the other online bosses that are working while you are.

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Features 🚀

  • Choose one of the cool boss characters as your menu bar icon
Fully customizable
  • Set a timer for x minutes
  • Set a break for x minutes
  • Start, break, skip break, pause, resume and stop manually + menu shortcut
  • Show or hide the countdown in the menu bar
  • Show a macOS notifications with a custom quote/message on break
  • Force a break by locking all screens...
  • ...or allow yourself the option to unlock screens on break
  • It sits on your menu bar - no clunky dock icon
  • Neatly separated interface with tabs
  • Idle detection to pause timer after x minutes
  • Decide if you want the timer to repeat itself or not

Changelog 🙌


  • The ability to "reset break timer when active" to add further automation
  • Improved the layout
  • Shows the break timer countdown in the menu bar while taking a break
  • Shows the number of online bosses with the notifications


  • Removes glitches for the "Bosses online" feature and makes it more robust


  • Shows how many bosses/users are online (preference window + menu bar)
  • Adds more choices for the notification alert sound
  • New tab dedicated to notification settings


  • Option to resume timer automatically when back from idle
  • Bugfix for a bug that could occur when pausing/resuming the timer


  • Adds the option to enable or disable automatic repeat for the timer
  • Much better management of timer start from inside the preference window and menubar menu (start, break, pause, stop)
  • Adds the ability to skip the break and skip to break
  • Adds the possibility to skip break on the lock screen by clicking on the boss
  • Shows the timer status in the preference window and the menubar menu
  • Adds a link to the changelog in the menu bar
  • Doesn't start timer when launching the app - it waits for you to start it
  • Adds macOS notification support
    • Adds the ability to set a custom notification message/quote on break
    • Replaces the previous alert sound with the default macOS notification sound


  • Cleans up the interface by separating it into tabs
  • Adds the option to enable or disable the option to restart the timer automatically
  • Replaces the "Reset" button with "Start"/"Stop" buttons
  • Adds a "Break Now" button
  • Makes the menu icon pulse during the break
  • Adds menu item shortcuts to be able to "Start", "Stop" and "Break Now"


  • Packaged the app for Gumroad


  • Adds contact links (Twitter + email) in the menu bar


  • Set a timer for x minutes
  • Set a break duration for x minutes
  • Idle detection to stop the timer after x minutes and restart when active
  • Mute timer alarm
  • Completely lock screen and force break
  • Manually reset and stop the timer
  • Choose a cool boss as your menu bar icon
  • Can show or hide the timer countdown in the menu bar
  • Option to launch timer automatically when your mac boots

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