Microbreak Boss

Stay productive with a cool BOSS on your menu bar. Fully customizable.

Microbreak Boss is the coolest break timer ever! It promotes a productive and healthy lifestyle and lets you fully customize every option to fit your unique situation and preferences.

Get over your fatigue and be far more productive 🔥

Researchers have found that taking microbreaks helps you effectively manage your energy and engage in your work throughout the day. Microbreaks have also been shown to be very effective if you start your day tired and sleep-depleted to give you a significant energy level boost. Microbreak Boss is the ideal tool to force you to take breaks

Save your back and your hips from the effects of constant sitting 💪

Sitting down for extended periods of time is so bad for you that it is now a common saying that "sitting is the new smoking". Microbreak Boss makes it easy for you to counteract the negative effects of sitting by taking small movement breaks at regular intervals

Take care of your eyes 👁

Staring at a screen without taking breaks eventually leads to computer vision syndrome, A.K.A digital eye strain. Dry eyes, burning sensations, headaches, blurry vision. You can avoid it all. You've probably heard of the 20/20/20 rule? Every 20 minutes, take a 20 seconds break and look at an object at a distance of 20 feet. This popular technique allows you to reset your vision. You can easily set Microbreak Boss to make sure you take those very important eye breaks

Simply improve your life 🙌

Your life will simply be much better once you start embracing the power of microbreaks and Microbreak Boss. Imagine what healthy habits you could be stacking with your microbreaks:

  • The 20/20/20 rule to keep your eyes healthy
  • Breathwork to calm your nervous system and get in a focused parasympathetic mode
  • Stretch and walk to counteract sitting
  • Get some fresh air to feel refreshed
  • Drink more water to stay hydrated

Features 🚀


  • Choose one of the cool boss characters as your menu bar icon

Fully customizable

  • Set a timer for x minutes
  • Set a break for x minutes
  • Start, stop and stop break manually + menu shortcut
  • Jump straight to a break manually + menu shortcut
  • Decide if you want the timer to repeat itself or not
  • Specify the number of iterations you wish the timer to loop (or infinite iterations)
  • Mute the timer and rely only on the visual countdown...
  • ... or hide the countdown in the menu bar to remove visual cues
  • Force a break by locking all screens


  • It sits on your menu bar - no clunky dock icon


  • Idle detection to stop and restart the timer


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