Conor McGregor's Mental Models On Discipline

Conor McGregor is a very inspiring dude. Every time I watch one of his interviews, usually before one of his big fights, I find gold nuggets about his philosophy on discipline and work ethic, which to me, resonate as universal truths. My goal is to create a living document and to inventory the man's epic and stoic mindset.

The following are transcribed quotes from his interviews, which don't necessarily translate well as reading material. Each quote is linked to the exact timestamp in the video interview.

Conor McGregor talks UFC 257, Khabib & more | Extended Interview | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

Once you're fully committed, things are easy, it's that simple. Hard things become easy when you commit yourself fully and that's what I've done, so I'm very excited to go and showcase myself at 155 pounds. Fully focused.

Ariel Helwani: You know, last year when we spoke, you raised a lot of eyebrows when you spoke about "I'm not drinking this camp, I've been very good" and I think that we saw the performance, you know, it certainly felt like it all made sense, that, you know, the way you were treating your body, taking it seriously, led to a great performance. Has it been more of the same this time around?

Conor McGregor: Yeah it has been more of the same, you know, I certainly had, you know when you're cutting weight you've got to. You know, to think some of the times when I was cutting weight and I was drinking my Whiskey heavy, you know, and you're on limited calories and then you're doing heavy training sessions, it's just not a good mix. So I've done it for the Cowboy Ceronne fight when I didn't have to cut weight, this time I had, you know, I was following a strict nutrition plan and so I've been off of my liquid, as difficult as that is, but I've been off it throughout this entire camp. Now granted I had a little sipple over the Christmas, you know, but that was very very small, just a little to wet the lips and to see how my creation has blossoming and it has blossoming beautifully. So I've stayed strict as I can be this camp and I'm looking forward to my post-fight toast, my post-fight whiskey, I will raise the glass. You know it's actually early morning in Abu Dhabi as your know the fight will take place, I believe I'll be making my walk maybe 9AM. So I'm going to have an Irish coffee, a proper Irish coffee after the fight and I've been craving pancakes. Usually, throughout, you know, weight changes or weight cuts you being to crave certain foods, I'm craving American style pancakes. So I'm gonna have a nice big plate of American style pancakes and a proper Irish coffee post-fight and I'm looking forward to that.

Conor McGregor on Dustin Poirier rematch, Khabib's retirement and relationship with UFC

I'm jacked and I'm shredded, you know. So I'm in a tremendous place, I've put the work in Oscar. That's it, you know. Making weight is difficult, but you know, difficult things are not so difficult when you commit yourself fully and in actuality they become easy and that's where I am at. I have done this flawlessly, you know, alongside my team, all the work has been calculated and I'm right there I have got my body into a lightweight frame once again and I'm full of energy, my training has ceased, not ceased, but my double sessions, you know, I train most of the times twice a day, my last double slip finished yesterday, not it's just single sessions, the weight is on point, I have bags of energy and I'm very excited to get in a showcase myself at one 155 pounds again. You know, that's it. I've put in the work and I will reap the rewards.

Discipline, structure, there are the true keys to success, you know, you've gotta be structured in your work, you gotta be disciplined, you've gotta be self-motivated, you know and those are the things I am and I'm certainly more mature in all aspects of my life and, you know, it's a good time in my life, I really good time, I'm in a really positive place, I've cam through the wringer, your know, I've cam through a lot and I still stand here before you and I still prevail, so I'm very happy.

Conor McGregor on UFC 246, Khabib, Mayweather | Extended Interview | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

Ariel Helwani: It's interesting cause I've been talking to a lot of members of your team and I keep hearing the same thing: "We haven't seen him this happy in so long, it's a different Conor, he's so engaged, he's so motivated. Do you agree with all those statements and if so, why is that?"

Conor McGregor: Yeah, I'm feeling really good, I'm enjoying my training, I listened to myself what I needed to do in my training setup and outside of the gym and I executed and I followed what I said to myself that I needed to do and it's given me energy, it's given me focus and I'm happy now, you know, I'm enjoying my training.

Ariel Helwani: Why are you happy now?

Conor McGregor: I mean, I'm just focused, I'm just committed. You know when you say to yourself right, you know what you gotta do, right, we all know what we gotta do, we say to ourselves I've got to do, I should do it this way, I should do this and when you don't do that and then you carry on, you feel like, you know, like I always say doubt is removed by action, so if you're not working then that's when the doubt seeps in, so I knew things I should have been doing and things I shouldn't have been doing and I still did them and didn't do them, if you get me, but now I'm listening to myself and I followed my internal instruction and it's just given me more passion and more focus and more drive and I'm doing what I feel I need to do and it feels good, so that's it.

I find I'm at my best when I must do something and I know I must do it and I do it, I execute it and that's what I'm doing right now and this is what I have done, the training has been phenomenal, my coaches, my team, everyone's been in sync together and we've had a great camp and we're very very happy here and obviously it's good to be back in Las Vegas, I haven't been in Vegas in a while. Very excited, very happy.

I'm gonna got out in the night, I've got an afterparty set. I'm gonna go have a few sips of my proper whiskey, I've abstained from that, I made a promise to myself, I made a promise to my team, I made a promise to my fans, that I would stay 100% fully focused, so I've abstained from that and I miss it you know, I do love my liquid. I'll have a few little sips of at my after-party, I'll take the following day to rest and then the day after that I will engage in a red zone McGregor fast training session like I've done post Diaz 2. After the Diaz 2 fight, I went and had my after-party, I took the day rest after the fight, and I went and I done red zone sprints on the skier. The skier is a stationary machine where you pull the strings down because the leg was jammed up from kicking Diaz's knee and his legs. So I was on crutches and I got that work in and just reset my mind. I just reset my mind, put me back in that training mind. It's so easy for you to finish a fight, have a little celebration and then it's stretching to the next day and then you a bit of bad food and then the next day, then it's kinda hard to pull yourself back in, so I have my plan that I'm gonna set out and that's what it is and I'm gonna have my little celebration, rest the next day and then back into training and then what's next.

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